Pay your Dues Online

Thank you for paying your 2024 Papillion Lodge dues online!

You must be a member of Papillion Lodge and and only owe dues for 2024. If you owe dues for past years, please contact Carl Highman or Jonathan Paz for your options.

If any of the following apply to you, then you should not use this system to make your dues payment:

  • You are not a member of Papillion Lodge
  • You have already paid dues for 2024
  • You have paid a portion of your dues already
  • You owe dues for only part of a year
  • You owe dues from years past

If you attempt to pay your dues here, your payment will be returned to you and you will need to contact the Secretary to make other arrangements.

Dues payments are processed through PayPal who offers interest-free payment options. Click the banner for more details.


2024 Papillion Lodge Dues$155.00
2024 Grand Lodge Per-Capita$37.00
2024 Grand Lodge Assessments$3.00


Papillion Lodge General Fund$
Millenium Fund$
Masonic Home Foundation$
Omaha Home for Boys$
Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children$
Masonic Youth Leadership Conference$
Job’s Daughters Bethel #1$
Academic Scholarships$

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